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Upcoming : Food For Your Eyes at nofound Photo Fair

Food For Your Eyes will launch a new project at nofound photo fair : Food For Your Eyes Pop-Up Gallery ! 

We are happy to collaborate with Pierre von Kleist editions to present photographic prints and beautiful photobooks by Andre Cepeda, Andre Principe, Antonio Julio Duarte and Jose Pedro Cortes.  

nofound photo fair

16-19 NOVEMBER 2012 


66 Rue de Turenne 75003 PARIS

PREVIEW: Friday 16th November 2012, 3pm to 6pm
OPENING: Friday 16th November 2012 from 7pm

Visit the nofound website and blog for more informations

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Guest Contribution for Wandering Bears Blog / Conversation with Rémi Faucheux of RVB Books

RVB BOOKS is a publishing company founded in Paris in 2011. RVB publishes beautifully crafted and innovative books by French artists like Thomas Maielender, Gregoire Pujade-LauraineStephanie Solinas as well by the Dutch artists Jaap Sheeren and Ruth van Beek”.  Read the  conversation with Remi Faucheux, the co-founder of RVB BOOKS , as part of a guest contribution @ Wandering Bears blog

RVB Books website

— 2 years ago
Guest Contribution for Wandering Bears blog / Editions FP&CF

“ Maxime Milanesi and Claire Schvartz also known as the founding duo of Editions FP&CF are active players within the photo- zine scene. With their publishing house based in Paris, they publish the participative fanzine TELL MUM EVERYTHING IS OK showing the work of various contributors from Europe, the Uk, the US. As an avid collector of their lovely publications of photographs, I asked them to share some thoughts about photo-zines “à la française”  Read the full post @ Wandering Bears 

— 2 years ago
'Synchronicity' exhibition at Baudoin Lebon in Journal des Arts →

© Malala Andrialavidrazana

Deux galeries investissent l’Afrique

Le Journal des Arts - n° 356 - 4 novembre 2011

Magnum Gallery et la galerie Baudoin Lebon, à Paris, présentent des artistes principalement originaires ou intéressés par le continent africain pour des visions alternatives et sans concession.

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Installation view of Synchronicity exhibition at Baudoin Lebon gallery, Paris

Synchronicity  : Photography & Video by a new generation of artists from Africa 

Synchronicity”,  an exhibition curated by On The Roof collective, featuring a new generation of lens based media artists from the African continent and the diaspora. The exhibition  developed in collaboration with Baudoin Lebon Gallery, Paris for3rd Photoquai.Biennale of World Images will be held from 29th September to 19th November 2011 in Paris.

Images courtesy Backlash Gallery Blog

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Galerie Baudoin Lebon - Paris >   29.09.2011 | 19.11.2011

Dans le cadre de Photoquai, 3e Biennale des images du monde à l’initiative du Musée du Quai Branly, Baudoin Lebon présente Synchronicity, une exposition proposée par le collectif On The Roof (Elise Atangana, Nathalie Belayche, Yves Chatap, Caroline Hancock).

L’exposition est l’occasion d’inviter douze artistes originaires du continent africain et de sa diaspora, actifs en Afrique et sur la scène artistique internationale mais peu connus voire jamais montrés à Paris.

Malala Andrialavidrazana (France/Madagascar), James Barnor (Ghana/UK), Steeve Bauras (France/Martinique), Calvin Dondo (Zimbabwe), François-Xavier Gbré(France/Côte d’Ivoire), Em’Kal (Cameroun), Akintola Hanif (USA), Kiluanji Kia Henda(Angola), Kapwani Kiwanga (Canada/France/Tanzanie), N’Krumah Lawson Daku(France/Suisse/Togo), Amina Menia (Algérie), Grace Ndiritu (Kenya/UK), Abraham Oghobase (Nigéria).

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Synchronicity exhibition on Photoquai website →


JPEG - 43.6 ko

© Abraham Oghobase 

From 30/09/11 to 19/11/2011

During Photoquai 2011, the 3rd biennial exhibition of world images organised by the Musée du Quai Branly,  baudoin lebon gallery presents  Synchronicity, an exhibition curated  by the  collective On The Roof. This exhibition brings together twelve lens based artists from the African continent and its diaspora, active in Africa and on the international art scene. Some of these artists are shown in Paris for the first time.

Read more 

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Drum Magazine, une chronique des années Apartheid →

JPEG - 43.9 ko

Photo by Bob Gosani , ‘Mandela boxing, 1957’ published in Drum Magazine

Essay by Nathalie Belayche about photographers working for Drum Magazine during the Apartheid era in South Africa . Read the full article on Africa In Visu ( in French)

— 2 years ago
Group Exhibition - Street Photography Now - Stuttgart →

"The Street Photography Now exhibition which was shown in a 
shop window exhibition in Paris and at Gallery Lichtblick in Cologne 
now moved to Stuttgart. It will be presented at Ute Noll’s UNO Art Space. 02.04.2011 - 25.06.2011”

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